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Крупнейшее производство в России
В марте 2014 года компания «Вагонмаш» подписала соглашение об эксклюзивном представлении интересов финской компании Transtech Oy на территории Российской Федерации.»





Congratulations on Railway Employees Day »

Dear partners, Please accept our sincere congratulations on this professional holiday,  Railway Employees Day!



IRAN RAIL EXPO 2018, the 6th International Raiway Transport Exhibition »

On June 19-22 “Vagonmash” Group of Companies participated in IRAN RAIL EXPO 2018, the 6th International Railway Transport Exhibition, which took place in Tehran. IRAN RAIL EXPO 2018 is the International Raiway Transport and the Railway Industry Exhibition which commands the great attention of Iranian and foregn companies. State-of-the-art railway machines and equipment, technologies applied in the railway industry, as well as the enterprises related to it, are represented at the exhibition.



Happy New Year! »

Dear friends, we congratulate you and wish you a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

Press releases



RZD Partner Magazine, No. 10 (350), May 2017 »

ZD Partner Magazine, No. 10 (350), May 2017, “Vagonmash” GC is the leading Russian manufacturer of accessories for freight rolling stock. Which newly-designed products does the enterprise produce? A conversation on this topic was conducted with Mr. Valeriy Kalashnikov, Deputy COO of LLC PO “Vagonmash.”



Accessories market in a down economy »

The economic crisis, the beginning of which is acutely remembered by many people when the ruble depreciated at the end of 2014, continued into the current year. What are the feelings of Russian and foreign suppliers of accessories who mainly work in the transport machine building field? What problems do they have and what kind of objectives do they focus on?  Read the interview with Andrey Korolyov, Deputy COO of “Vagonmach” JSC.



UVZ started to produce the body for the shock-absorbing device PT-120 »

Manufacturing of the body for shock-absorbing device PT-120 used for freight cars has been launched at the main Uralvagonzavod enterprise. As the UVZ Press Service informs us, the product is being assembled at one of the Russian plants, then the product is delivered to the workshops of the main enterprise of UVZ Corporation for their mounting on rolling stock. PT-120 is the first domestic shock-absorbing unit reliably protecting cars and cargo being transported from possible damage, first of all during breaking up of a train on humps and during shunting work.