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9 Июня 2015

Accessories market in a down economy

The economic crisis, the beginning of which is acutely remembered by many people when the ruble depreciated at the end of 2014, continued into the current year. What are the feelings of Russian and foreign suppliers of accessories who mainly work in the transport machine building field? What problems do they have and what kind of objectives do they focus on?  Read the interview with Andrey Korolyov, Deputy COO of “Vagonmach” JSC.






Congratulations on Railway Employees Day »

Dear partners, Please accept our sincere congratulations on this professional holiday,  Railway Employees Day!

Press releases



RZD Partner Magazine, No. 10 (350), May 2017 »

ZD Partner Magazine, No. 10 (350), May 2017, “Vagonmash” GC is the leading Russian manufacturer of accessories for freight rolling stock. Which newly-designed products does the enterprise produce? A conversation on this topic was conducted with Mr. Valeriy Kalashnikov, Deputy COO of LLC PO “Vagonmash.”