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Coil springs for freight cars bogies

“Vagonmash” GC has developed and tested the manufacturing technology for the spring for freight cars spring suspension with application of volume hardening (VH) made of steel grades with reduced and regulated hardening.

Draft gears

RT-120 (T1 class)

PT-120 is the first domestic unit of T1 class fully meeting the requirements of industry standard 32.175 and reliably protecting the cars and the cargo being transported from possible damage, first of all during breaking up of the train on a hump and during shunting work.

RT-130 (class Т2)

The draft gear PT-130 is the first draft gear of T2 class with improved specifications designed for use in automatic coupling devices of tank cars and intended to provide more effective protection of wagons and cargo carried in them from impact of longitudinal loads arising during shunting work on gravity sorting yards and in the transient modes of train driving.

Constant contact side bearing

When designing the constant contact side bearing with 15 mm operational stroke, the longstanding international practice on application of the constant contact side bearing in freight cars was considered.

Rolling stock

The tank car made of polymer compositional materials is intended for transportation of bulk chemical cargo by the railways of CIS and Baltic countries with gauge width of 1520 mm.

Secondary products

The workshop of component heat treatment performs heat treatment and carbonization. The tool workshop performs the component machine processing, as well as repair and manufacturing work. The blank preparation workshop performs assembly and welding work and layout of workpieces. The chemical and mechanical engineering laboratory performs chemical analysis of drinking water, oils, and paint and lacquer materials.





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RZD Partner Magazine, No. 10 (350), May 2017 »

ZD Partner Magazine, No. 10 (350), May 2017, “Vagonmash” GC is the leading Russian manufacturer of accessories for freight rolling stock. Which newly-designed products does the enterprise produce? A conversation on this topic was conducted with Mr. Valeriy Kalashnikov, Deputy COO of LLC PO “Vagonmash.”