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Constant contact side bearing

When designing the constant contact side bearing with 15 mm operational stroke, the longstanding international practice on application of constant contact side bearings in freight cars was considered.

The operational, technical and maintenance performance of the railcars, which have been operating in the North-American Railways network for over 30 years, are improved by applying Birchpad made of thermoelastoplast.

The Constant contact side bearing made by “Vagonmash” Company makes it possible: :

  • to improve the dynamic features of the freight car,
  • to improve smoothness of movement,
  • to reduce wear of the running parts,
  • to improve freight car stability against dumping.

More stable car movement by the curved track is achieved by means of immediate counteraction of the constant contact side bearing to the wobbling rotational movement. The maximum effect of decreased car wobbling is reached at high run speed.

Operation of the constant contact side bearing is possible in all climatic areas.





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