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Draft gear RТ-120 (T1 class)

RT-120 is the first domestic unit of T1 class fully meeting the requirements of industry standard 32.175 and reliably protecting cars and cargo being transported from possible damage, first of all during breaking up of the train on a hump and during shunting work.

The RT-120 unit is the result of joint activity of “Vagonmash” GC and MINER Company (USA), which is the most used draft gear currently produced by one manufacturer.

Since 2004, the draft gear RТ-120 are successfully operating on the railways of Russia and CIS countries. Since 2005, approximately 300,000 cars have been equipped.

The high operational and resource indicators of the RT-120 unit have been achieved by means of some innovative solutions implemented in its design and manufacturing technology.

The advantages of the draft gear RT-120:

  • Operational reliability. Failure-free operation in different climatic areas under high loads impact, including extreme conditions (such as unit operation in Siberian and Far East railways).
  • Long maintenance-free operation.
  • High energy efficiency, subject to the use of the kit of Birchpad elastic side packs.
  • Warranty and post-warranty service.

Total unit service life is 32 years.

The maintenance-free period before overhaul is 16 years or 1.8 million running km.

In comparison with similar products, the draft gear RT-120 is more effectively ensuring the preservation of cars and the safety of cargo being carried. It improves the safety of movement and increases the time intervals between repairs.

The economic effect of the draft gear RТ-120 is achieved due to reduction of repair costs, because, as a matter of fact, 70% of the total number of automatic coupling device failures arise from failures of draft gears.

The judgement on reliability of draft gears may be seen from their operation in Siberian and Far East railways with their extreme operational conditions.

Draft gears RТ-120 have passed the entire complex of tests, and have been certified and supplied in condition providing their installation on the car without compression.

Installation of the RT-120 unit on rolling stock provides a substantial reduction of repair costs, while maintaining a high level of work performance.





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